Copywriter samples

Creative problem solving. (Internationally)

You may just want something written or a great idea. That's fine.
But wouldn't it be terrific if you had a really creative copywriter with marketing skills who, if you are a marketing director, will latch on quickly to the issues and if you run a business will help you to identify and fix your marketing problems and barriers to making money?

You're invited!

You can see what I have done for other clients and what I can do for you below.
Don't worry, I'm one copywriter out to make things easier, each sample is below 20k for you to snap up easily.

And the copy is in html, so you can read it with images off!

Problem Solving Creative Solutions

The pages are in a ring so to see everything, simply click the "copywriter's choice" button (right).

If you are looking for a type of experience or expertise, get in touch, I either have it or can help or know someone!

You can find a list of some of the larger clients I have worked for, here.
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