Problem: Opticians now have fearsome competition from huge chains, the supermarkets of the eye world.

The Creative Solution: Talk to the customer, while making strong offers, in their language. Call it a hard soft sell.

Your reading, driving,kissing...

Your reading, driving, kissing, walking, fishing, knitting, cooking glasses.

Normal lens 29 Bifocals 39 Varifocals 69 Frames from 9.99

As you can see, something amazing has happened at Harrolds.

Once costly glasses are now easily affordable. You can have a pair for the car, for your pink outfit, even for the garden and not worry about mislaying your only pair.

If you prefer to have just one pair, the news is even better. Classy Bifocals and Varifocals cost the same as normal glasses at other opticians.

Now you can watch TV and glance at the paper or drive and check the dashboard, without even thinking about your glasses.

So, what's the secret behind the famous Harrold's pricing?

Simple. We buy your 1500+ choice of frames in bulk, don't pay craftsmen to knock out glasses in an hour and offer great service so that lots of people want to buy from us.

Come and order your anything or everything glasses from Harrolds at 1st Floor, Dolphin Centre, Poole or at any other branch. All you need is a prescription or we can give you an eye test. If you are on Social Security, your glasses may be free. Just ask.

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