client came to me with what he described as a classical music compilation cd and wanted a direct mail package.

Problem: the music extracts were each only three minutes long. The Valkiries would not fly very far!

The Creative Solution? Appeal to a wider market!

You know, John Lennon had it,
After tough negotiations

You know, John Lennon had it, Andrew Lloyd-Weber has it, Take That have it.

The knack of writing tunes.

Plain, simple tunes you catch yourself singing when washing up or humming as you climb stairs.

You and I know a great tune when we hear one. We know what we like.

Remember when the Hovis ads were on and we fell in love with New World Symphony or when Torville and Dean were competing and we were spellbound by Bolero?

Well, they were great tunes.

Classic in fact.

How would it be if you could have 101 classic tunes including New World Symphony and Bolero?

Just the highlights, so you can simply enjoy the tune. No boring tinkly introductions or annoying strings that go on and on. Just the good stuff, the tune?

That is just what you get in 101 Famous Classical Masterpieces. Five CDs jampacked with great tunes for you to love.

Forget about dressing up and paying the earth for concert tickets, just to be bored and worry about whether your seat is squeaking.

101 Famous Classical Masterpieces is sheer simple joy. Every one of the tunes has been tried and tested by time and sounds fresh, vibrant and inspirational.

There's none of that buying an album, discovering a few hit songs on it with the rest of the tracks being frankly duff. Then six months later listening with fresh ears and wondering what you saw in the band anyway.

101 Famous Classical Masterpieces is nothing but hits, 101 of them, hit after hit, track after track.

Just look at the contents list. You are bound to find your favourite classical piece here.

As you know, classical music is expensive, after all the whole orchestra needs paying. So how much would you pay for 101 magical classical tunes?

After tough negotiations, we have got the price down for you to less than 30p a track. An incredible 29.95 for 5 crisp clear CDS.

What's more, we are so sure you will adore 101 Famous Classical Masterpieces you will get your money back if you decide you don't like the tunes and return the CDs. Call it a no risk, all in, guarantee.

We also promise never to, cheekily, send you unordered goods "on approval" and then ask for money or bitch because you don't want more than one offer. Call it no commitment.

So, how soon can we send you 101 Famous Classical Masterpieces, 5 CDs of wonderful, approachable classic tunes for 29.95? Talk to us now on 0171 495 2565 or return the order form.