Problem: The client wanted to run a competition

The Creative Solution: Make it fun and sell, sell sell!



You can win The Complete ISDN Kit in this easy free competition.*

All you have to do is work hard answering our mindnumbingly difficult question, return this postcard and have your entry randomly picked.

Your prize is the Planet ISDN card and the comprehensive EasyTransfer ISDN software, your very own superfast ISDN Internet set up, the amazing Adobe Acrobat proofing system, your telephone/fax on ISDN, the ability to transfer files at lightning speed to bureaux and clients worldwide and much much much much more.

In short, the complete Mac Connect 799 ISDN kit for free.

The question

(Think hard now)

What does ISDN stand for?

a) I Simply Don't kNow
b) Incredibly Speedy Document Nabber
c) Integrated Services Digital Network
d) I Summon Demons Nightly

* Or your money back.

If you win and have already bought or are buying your ISDN kit.

Your answer

a) _ b) _ c) _ d)_ (why?)

When/if I win please send my complete ISDN Kit to:

What Business are you in?
Do you have an ISDN line?
Are you interested in ISDN Networking using
Mac_ or PC_ ?
Your Apple dealer is .....
Competition closes two months after you receive this postcard.
Now, mail this postcard FREEPOST.