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Turn a C student into an A student.

Every year really bright people do not do themselves justice in exams.

It's not laziness. The system rewards a certain type of intelligence.

Examiners look for learned facts and analysis. Even with a firm grasp of a subject, coming up with facts is tough. Your recalling exact dates, names and formulas can leave little time for your thinking to shine.

What is needed is a way to imprint the facts as clearly as a giant cribsheet on the brain, so they are recalled quickly and easily.

Educators help with exam preparation but there is a new, better technique for learning facts ready for easy recall. It's called Speed Learning and is based on the latest scientific research.

The news is that hard revision slog is a mistake and that special, relaxed techniques work far better. Rather like a baby sleeping better with certain sounds, your brain takes in more if background music to a certain beat is playing. You can even tape key facts using this rhythm and almost copy the tape to your memory.

Remarkably, the methods can even prevent any nervousness blocking the information on the day.

So how can you up your grades by showing your thinking without struggling to recall facts? The answer is to set aside a few minutes a day to benefit from the Speed Learning Kit.

Using Speed Learning you can quickly apply the new techniques. A lecture explains the principles, a demonstration teaches you some Spanish just when you are wondering how such easy tips can work, the special music is ready to play and the special rhythm is ready for you to create your own tapes, there is even a special recording to open your brain to revision and help unlock your brain before your exam.

The cost of turning a C student into an A student? You can order the Speed Learning Kit with a Cheque/PO for 20 made out to Success Dynamics, Dept. S, 1040 Uxbridge Road, HAYES, MIDDX UB4 0RQ. We are so sure of your success, the Speed Learning Kit carries an unlimited moneyback guarantee. Delivery asap, max. 14 days.