Problem: The product is heavy industry, you need the credibility of talking the language, the guy who signs the checks often is not technical

The fish image had been sold to the client before I was called in.

The Creative Solution: Simply sell what the product does for the oil business, only using "hard words" where needed. Have the copy enhance and fit in with the fish image. The "hard word" is synergy!

Watch the flow as your wells 
monitor themselves.

Watch the flow as your wells monitor themselves.

Amazingly, each well, with a new Exal Sureflo, can monitor its own flow rate, pressure, temperature and water cut.

You could be miles away, yet still have a constant view of vital information for the whole field.

There is even an alarm to warn you of anything unusual.

The new Exal Sureflo works by installing a maintenance free, retrievable Venturi device downhole.

Sensors feed data to the surface, which is analysed giving on-line reservoir information.

Early warning and timely correction of problems avoids expensive loss of production and considerable savings are made in reducing well intervention.

We believe that the new Exal Sureflo self monitoring for wells is essential to anyone wanting to maintain oil flow and cash flow.

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Exal Sureflo

Self monitoring for wells.