The problem: Convince companies to take their staff on a train as a treat.
The Creative Solution: Get the client their biggest response ever.

I lost money sending the letter to my prospects, they called me in droves, only to say they were calling my client!
They will thank you and talk 
about this for years

Dear Prospect,

They will thank you and talk about this for years.


The best event laid on for clients or staff in the history or your company, organised by you.

How can we be so sure? Well, we have a winning formula.

The secret is something everyone loves. Trains and outings.

Here's what happens:

Your party are welcomed aboard Pullman coaches by uniformed stewardesses and stewards.

Inside your coach you discover a five star hotel on wheels. Starched linen and silver cutlery adorn softly lit tables next to picture windows and lustrous wood panelling.

As you sink into your armchair seat you notice there is room to dance and colleagues come over to make excited comments. The train pulls away from the station and you are on your way.

Suddenly the cheerful chatter is replaced by an expectant hush. An amazing vision appears. A whole army of stewards and stewardesses in a line, each bearing a silver platter. It is time to eat.

With exquisite tenderness, spoonful by spoonful, each element of five delicious courses, worthy of a top restaurant, is placed before you and your guests.

The food is delicious and the silver service incredible. You know, you are there, yet everyone insists on telling you over and over.

By now, you may be feeling a little smug and expansive, but there is one thing you may want to keep to yourself; the cost of all this luxury.

Sit down. These Special Train outings start at less than a meal at your local restaurant, rising to around the price of a first class return rail ticket.

Yours sincerely,

PS: We look forward to receiving your booking from our enclosed brochure on 01543 254076 or discussing organising a special trip just for you.