Problem: Tax is a bore and a chore and there are lots of tax guides.

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10 Shocking Tax Facts
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1) Families keep 3250 extra income from the government.
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2) Managers don't pay on 20% of their company income.
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3) City professionals dodge tax on share deals.
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4) Executives enjoy their perks tax free.
(It's simple to do. Chapter 5)

5) Married couples juggle assets between them costing the taxman millions.
(It's kind of fun. Chapter 2)

6) Thousands jump the Inland Revenue tax bands.
(Can you make the leap? Chapter 1)

7)People who don't get tax bills receive refunds.
(This could include your children. Chapter 1)

8) Men and women quietly keep their interest to themselves.
(Shhhh, it's all legal. Chapter 7)

9) Rich people fiddle their tax with creative accountancy.
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10) You pay too much tax. If the rules agree, get yourself a tax cut and a six year refund!

Your Tax Bill does not always depend on what you earn.

Apply the tricks tax consultants use on your next return or check your accountant has done so.

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