Problem. This was a reader offer in a financial magazine, make the prospect buy using the magazine's style of language.

The Creative Solution: no problem

Every year one outfit regularly expects, and gets, a 20-40% return.

Before you review your portfolio, they already have your money.

Who are they? The Inland Revenue.

A new video and book, Tax Guide, written and produced Coopers & Lybrand Tax Consultant Moira Elms & and Tax Accountant Nicky Morris, sets out to demonstrate how, for many, the tax bill can be drastically reduced.

The method used is to apply the tax rules to the most common situations and use creative accountancy techniques to make the rules work to the Tax Guide purchaser's benefit.

To make this information readily accessible, the video cleverly shows consultations between ordinary people in typical tax situations and Moira Elms. This technique, as well as showing how abstract tax rules apply to real life, ensures that the issues raised can be easily understood.

The objective is to provide Plain English, clear ready to use, how to, tax saving ideas.

Much of the insight and thinking comes as a revelation and the main points are emphasised by the frequent use of checklists.

The 100 page book which comes with Tax Guide expands upon the points made in the video and contains yet more tax saving ideas.

It is impressive how succinct and available the Tax Guide package makes the rules and tax saving ideas. In fact, it can be recommended for anyone who pays tax, regardless of their degree of financial acumen.

The video and book are remarkably comprehensive and covers amongst other things details about marriage, children, homes, mortgages, charity, pay, perks, property rental, savings, investments, wills, capital gains, self employment, pensions and retirement.

As it is highly likely that every purchaser will save some tax, the Tax Guide video and book seem a sound investment.

Tax Guide is available, as a What Investment Readers offer at the price of from....

The producers have, helpfully pointed out that as there is a minor section on small business, Tax Guide may be tax deductible.