Problem: Sell, sell, sell!

The Creative Solution: Sell, sell sell!



12 free ways Mac Connect help you without a whisper of an extra charge.

1) Free ISDN Helpline...

0500 354070

You're invited to call. No hassle, no obligation, no charge, just jargon free ISDN technical expertise and problem solving. R.S.V.P.

2) FREE Bureaux info. Call the helpline for your nearest one. Coming soon: The free Mac Connect guide to ISDN bureaux.

3) FREE unique ISDN Internet ability. Watch Web pages whizz on your superfast ISDN internet link.

4) FREE improvement in your existing Software. Your ISDN kit simply fits in with your other ISDN and telephone software.

5) FREE ISDN Fax/telephone. Uniquely, The Complete ISDN Kit lets you use your normal fax or telephone on ISDN, even while you are sending or receiving files.

6) FREE ISDN Installation help. Mac Connect are working with BT and can arrange a line for you.

7) FREE PCConnect help. We can supply you with a brilliant windows ISDN kit for your PC.

8) FREE international compatibility. Your files can be transferred using Eurofile (supported by over 40 Manufacturers, but only Mac Connect in the UK) and USA switched 56 ISDN.

9) FREE Mac Connect Help. Mac Connect give you free lifetime support - by freephone, fax, email and post.

10) FREE cash. The complete ISDN kit costs 799 or is free if you win our competition. Mysteriously, other ISDN solutions are neither free, nor 799. What you do with the money you save is up to you.

11) FREE 15,000 kit users, your guarantee everything is tried and tested.

12) FREE Mac Connect enthused experts. The Complete ISDN Kit has had rave press reviews. Recently, MacUser awarded the Planet 2 card 4 mice and the coveted MacUser Best Buy mark. MacUser also described the EasyTransfer software as "an excellent piece of software which performed well in our tests" and the kit as "the lowest cost option"

The Publisher, meanwhile, described EasyTransfer as "very easy to use", called it "an excellent piece of software", praised Mac Connect's quality of service and forecast that "EasyTransfer could well become the standard high-speed file transfer software".