Problem: Order

The Creative Solution: The most important part of the package. It is like football, unless you score the rest is just dribble.

Yes please!

Yes please!

I want a Planet ISDN card, comprehensive EasyTransfer ISDN software, superfast ISDN Rednet Internet connection, Free internet time, the Adobe Acrobat Digital Proofing System, my telephone/fax on ISDN, bureaux, client, worldwide, and network compatibility and lifetime support for 799

And I want it now, along with all the other stuff you mentioned.

Send the kit to

I enclose my cheque for 799

I've just got paid and would like you to include functions to control my modem, the ability for files for different clients to go in separate sending folders, scheduled transmission so I can leave the office before six, a history log file for the accountant, a callback feature for security and the ability to send a file to the bureau and a proof to the client at the same time. I reckon it's worth an extra 200, I enclose my cheque for 999.

Forget Snail mail, I'm calling FREEPHONE 0500 354070 or faxing 0191 261 0760 with my credit card number.

Hum, sounds good, but I'm not sure, send me more information. Thanks.

Full Guarantee

If you hate this lovely kit, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Thank you for your order.

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