Problem: We have a technical product here!

The Creative Solution: Sell it on the benefits!

It's yours!
It's yours!

The complete, simple, icon driven ISDN kit for 799.

Everything is included for you to easily transfer files over ISDN.

However, like all things Macintosh, you can do far more with EasyTransfer and Planet than first appears.

The Free Adobe Acrobat Digital Proofing System worth over 480 lets you show files to your client wherever they may be, screen to screen, and print to their postscript printer.

Files are automatically compressed as you send them, giving you speeds of up to 300k/sec whether you are talking to a Mac, Dos, Windows or Unix machine. Or the machine's owner using your normal telephone or fax via ISDN.

You can even use other ISDN and telephone software, automatically get caller identification on screen, pick up files (like scans from a bureau) from other computers and, if you like, make your kit the beginning of a network ISDN gateway, an inter-network link or a video conferencing system!

As the world shrinks, you are ISDN connected to 30 million people over the internet (ready to go software included), can transfer files internationally using Eurofile (supported by over 40 manufacturers) and quickly convert your link to work with USA switched 56 ISDN.

The compatibility is so great you can even use EasyTransfer or the Planet card with rival software and hardware.

But with this offer who would want to.