Problem: Opticians now have fearsome competition from huge chains, the supermarkets of the eye world.

The Creative Solution: Continue talking to the customer, while making strong offers, in their language. Call it a hard soft sell.

Remember when frames were free?

Remember when frames were free?
They still are!

July 1948. Suddenly, every time you got glasses, they gave you a free frame. Sadly, that offer closed in April 1951.

Now, Harrolds have gone one better than Mr. Bevan.

If you are over 60, we will let you choose your frames from a choice of 500+ designs, then give them to you, free

There's no catch, all we ask is that we provide your glasses at the decidedly old fashioned prices of:

Normal lenses 29.00
Bifocals 39.00
Varifocals 69.00

Simply bring along your prescription or let us give you an eye test. If you are on Social Security, everything may be free, just ask.

Your free frames are waiting for you now at Harrolds, 1st Floor, Dolphin Centre, Poole and at all other Harrolds branches.

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