Problem: Turn readers of crowded Sunday papers into Banknote collectors

The Creative Solution: Capture the thrill and excitement of bank note collecting and stand out from the crowd.

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How would it be if we sent you 100 banknotes?


A satisfying thud on the doormat. You open the package and say "fascinating". Banknotes, in mint condition, all different, from around the world. Colourful, beautifully printed and breathing of their countries. You find that they are often surprising in their images. Many are witty and charming. Everyone will have their favourites. I'm having one colour copied to poster size! The 100 banknotes are interesting and fun and where else will you get a numbered print for under 30p?

Free catalogue magazine.

Even if you do not want our banknotes, (why not?, you can return them in 30 days for a full refund if you don't like them!), we are happy to send you our catalogue.

We think that it makes a great read, telling tales of treasure troves, coin hoards, wrecks and quirks of history. The Phoenix also offers you ancient and modern coins, banknotes and antiquities. You will be surprised that our prices start at 99p and that things you never thought you could own cost 20-30.

To obtain your 100 Banknotes and/or your free copy of The Phoenix clip our coupon, call 0171-636 1188 or fax 0171-323 2860.

Yes, I would like 100 of the world's banknotes! Please send me them for 29.50 (We pay your postage!)

Yes, I love a good read and am interested. Please send me The Phoenix for nix fee.

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(Picture of The Phoenix)

Amazingly, that's the deal.

We send you a great read, full of true stories of treasure troves, coin hoards, wrecks and quirks of history.

You discover ancient & modern coins, banknotes and antiquities and have the chance to own them. And you get paid 1 for the privilege!

(Picture of 1)

Interestingly, the 1 is an uncirculated British Armed Forces note. It was recently valued at US $25. By paying you it, we make the 1 very affordable!

That is one of the nice things you will find out about Coincraft. We price things so that if you want something, you can afford it.

To see what other wonderful things you can afford and get paid, return the coupon or call us on 071-636 1188, fax 071-323 2860.

Yes! Please send me my free magazine and pay me 1.
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