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International Arabian Gulf Business Directory
Australian Media Facilities Directory
Business Directory of China and Hong Kong
Canadian Business Advertising Network Business directory
CARDmedia Advertising agencies and media in Canada
European Business Directory
Hong Kong Internet Business Directory
Institute of Canadian Advertising
Korea Advertising
Korea Directory
Linker - Advertising List of links, based in Italy.
MSU-CIBER The Center for International Business Education and Research.
Malaysian Business Pages
UKMediaNet *CHECK* Advertising industry in the United Kingdom.
USA Online Yellow pages of businesses in the U.S.
WTDB Business & Trade Index: China, Taiwan, Hongkong
Journals &
Adformatie Advertising media and marketing issues (Netherlands).
Advertising Age *CHECK* AdAge magazine.
Advertising Age Creativity Magazine
Advertising Age International Magazine
Advertising & Marketing Review Online Serving the Denver area.
American Demographics This magazine tracks consumer trends.
Aspire Online A marketing publication serving the Upstate New York area.
BackChannel The interactivity newsletter of the AAAA.
Business Journals A directory of business journals/newspapers, both off and on-line.
Business to Business Magazine E-zine.
Business to Business Magazine A different one.
Business to Business Weekly E-zine (Netherlands).
CAP Online Design, business and marketing webzine (International & Australasia).
Catalog Marketer Newsletter
Communication Arts The world's largest magazine on creativity.
Communication Arts: Advertising Annual. How to have your work considered.
Creativa Magazine Advertising and marketing (Mexico).
Creative Marketing An on-line magazine (e-zine) about marketing.
DM News The newspaper of direct marketing.
Database Marketing Magazine
Editor & Publisher
Entrepreneurial Edge
European Journal of Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing Online
Imprint Magazine A promotional products trade publication.
International Journal of Research in Marketing *CHECK*
International Marketing Review
Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC)
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of International Marketing
Journal of Marketing
Journal of Marketing Communications *CHECK*
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing
KeyNotes Creativity &Communications Newsletter
Marketing Diretto Direct marketing magazine (Italy).
Marketing Tools Tactics and techniques for information-based marketers.
Marketing World Another e-zine about marketing.
Media Inc. A media, marketing, and creative services newspaper, for the Northwest.
Media Professional Print and online media. Published by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.
Mercado Magazine Advertising & marketing (Dominican Republic).
Noteworthy Online strategies, marketing ideas, & hot spots on the Web for smart businesses.
Public Relations Journal
Special Events Magazine For event-planning professionals.
Successful Meetings A magazine about meetings and incentive travel programs.
Web Marketing Today A free, bi-weekly e-mail newsletter.
Who's Marketing Online? An interactive magazine for Web marketers.
YAHOO - Business & Economics Magazines
YAHOO - Marketing Journals
Regulations AAF Government News Government actions directed at advertising.
ACA Center for Communication Law
Advertising Law Internet Page
Bills Before the U.S. Congress
Cable Regulation Digest
Canadian Competition Bureau Canada's Competition Act.
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
Code of Federal Regulations
Consumer Law Page Sponsored by the Alexander Law Firm.
Council of Better Business Bureaus
Emory Law Library Electronic Reference Desk
European Commission on Advertising & Consumer Law
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Register
Federal Register,Congressional Bills, etc.
Federal Trade Commission
Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Law Institute
International Trade Law
Internet Advertising Acceptability Standards
Internet Law Library
National Fraud Information Center
Oral Argument Page Supreme Court cases.
Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board
Seamless Website Law & Legal Resources
Senate Email List and Tutorial Contact your favorite Senator.
TELECOMREG Information regarding telecommunications regulations.
Uniform Commercial Code
U.S. Appeals Court Decisions
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
U.S. Senate
United States Code
Virtual Law Library
West's Legal Directory. Find a lawyer directory.
West's Legal News Latest news on court decisions.