You and I have done it many times.

Listened to the business gurus to see if we can pick up a few tips to use at work.

The problem is, after describing some pretty impressive case studies, these guys start up about total management commitment and revolutions.

Do you think any of these experts have actually run a business?

With orders to fill and a business to run, there's no time for all this.

At Rubicon we have an idea:

You must be doing things right, or else you would be out of business. What we at Rubicon offer you is special software and hardware which builds on what you are doing right and makes your company far more efficient.

The software actually automates many of the most valuable, profitable business ideas around.

I would like you to have a look at our leaflet and then get back to me, Malcolm Sleet on 01284 755671 to let me know what you think.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Malcolm Sleet

PS: Rubicon systems save you time and money.


To turbocharge your company....
get all the best ideas automated.

Just in time. Total quality. Customer service. Excellence. Investment in people.

We would all like these ideas incorporated into our businesses.

But there is one problem.

The consultants tell us that each idea needs a revolution in our companies before we can benefit.

At Rubicon we have other ideas about these ideas.

Call it automation not revolution.
Put it this way. To stay in business you must be doing something right. Rubicon supplies computers and software which so strongly supports your strengths, all the best ideas are automatically put into practice.

Here's how it works for you:

Customer Service.

A customer calls. Your production run details, stock supplies and raw material costs are on the system. You can tell the customer there and then, with confidence, precisely how much a special order will cost and the exact day on which it will be delivered.

Just in time.

Orders are automatically slotted into your production schedule as they are made. Your machines work at their optimal level and delivery dates are exactly met. This means that raw materials can come in when needed and not before and minimal stocks of product are kept. The software tells you when new supplies are required and can even order for you.

Total quality.

The secret behind consistent high quality is control of production. With Rubicon software you automatically excel at this. The margins on each unit are made clear, so you can adjust ingredients and investment to improve your product. Best before dates are calculated and batch numbers produced and remembered for traceability.


To be the best in your field takes more than commitment. It takes efficiency. Rubicon automatically gives you this. Production, estimating and delivery are made slick. Accounts are taken care of, invoices and payments simply printed or electronically sent. Your people freed from chores like working out estimates, organising stock and worrying about workflow to give customer service and continual improvement the attention they deserve.

Investment in people.

With costs monitored, production controlled and estimating automatic there is suddenly time. Time to invest in people. Time to enhance your sales team. Time to teach leading edge techniques to production. Even time to play more golf. The decision is up to you. Yet even here, Rubicon can help, with expert support and training for everyone using the computers and software we install.

To discuss how your company can put all the best ideas into practice, automatically, call Malcolm Sleet on 01284 755671.