Company Profile.

At Berkeley Environmental Systems PLC we add intelligence to

You may have seen our work already.

Working closely with clients, developers and contractors, we
are proud of what has been achieved at landmark sites like
Broadgate, Canary Wharf, Gatwick and Centrepoint.

Now we would like to work with you.

While you perfect other parts of a building, Berkeley
Environmental Systems look after the building control systems.
We design for you, install for you, manufacture for you and
then provide maintenance for you.

When you call in Berkeley Environmental Systems, you are
calling on two decades of experience helping to create smart
buildings. The capability to service projects as far afield as
the USA, Japan, France, Spain and Poland. And the reassurance
of working with a long term partner backed by London
Electricity PLC.

Project Management Capability.

You may have noticed that people find intelligent buildings
highly attractive.

They rent quicker, the working environment is pleasant,
visitors are impressed and even the balance sheet benefits
from savings in fuel and security.

The only problem has been complexity. Putting up a building or
refitting is hard enough without worrying about linking
numerous subsystems and connecting controls and sensors.

Now, complexity is as simple as calling Berkeley Environmental

We undertake to look after all the details of building control
for you.

When you subcontract to us, you subcontract to Berkeley
Environmental Systems. We employ everyone who works for us.

You may be impressed by the depth of talent you discover
working at Berkeley Environmental Systems.

We have design developers, software writers, manufacturing
engineers, pneumatic engineers, buyers for when off the shelf
components are cheaper, electricians, maintenance people, in
fact everyone you need focused on successful completing

Nothing is subcontracted and everyone communicates with
everyone else, as one team, in one building in one company.

With this degree of control comes an unparalleled guarantee
of total quality with maximum cost control, efficiency and

Integrated Building Management System.

Once your have your intelligent building, created without
stress, using fast track techniques by Berkeley Environmental
Systems, you can benefit.

Suddenly, everything works together, relevant sub systems
talking together via software based on a CdC Engine. Heating,
lighting and ventilation are controlled. The access system
warns the security systems. The close circuit cameras show
where the security sensors have been activated. The fire
sensors alert the ventilation systems. The possibilities are

All your systems can be linked into one PC, the whole building
reporting and being operated, by your fingertips on the

The software is Berkeley Environmental Systems own, with
modules already written, tried and tested for most
applications. Great care has been taken that the software is
easy to use and all reports are clear, accompanied with the
actual pictures of the problem area, graphics to highlight
what is wrong, a diagnoses and a suggested course of action.

Whether your building is a laboratory, commercial property,
factory, hospital or retail premises, call Berkeley
Environmental Systems to make it intelligent. We have the
experience, resources and track record to make it right for
you. First time.