There is little more satisfying for a customer than to be presented with a beautifully designed and made carrier bag.

As, often, the bag and a memory of good service are all that links a purchase to a shop, your choice of carrier is as crucial as your store design and selection of stock.

At Graffiti Arts we are dedicated to making carriers which are, through specification and design, unique to each client.

Your customers will be receiving a bag which could only have come from you, which will used, with enjoyment, again and again, giving your company maximum loyalty and exposure.

As you browse through this brochure, you will notice that many of our designs are exclusive to us. With the options we offer, the bag your customers carry can be as unique and creative as your store.

Rigid Clip Close Handle

In stores around the world, sales are being firmly closed.

Delighted customers are walking away with the Graffiti Arts rigid clip-close handle bag.

We have many styles of clip close handle and will help you to pick out a design which feels right for your company.

We will then apply our design and manufacturing skills to the bag, ensuring that your clip close handle is an exact colour match.

Gussets will let the bag fold and fill out at the sides or bottom; a card can be fitted at the base so that the carrier is square when opened and the surface graphics will be in up to six colours of line or photographic quality in matt or gloss ink.

Made from low, high density or expanded and environmentally friendly polythene, the Graffiti Arts rigid clip close handle bags come in a rough or smooth finish, in any colour you choose, inside and out.

SOS Paper Carrier

With aware consumers, it pays to show that you care. Though all our Graffiti Arts bags are recyclable, our SOS Paper Carrier bags make your commitment obvious.

Created from strong brown, white or recycled Kraft paper, our SOS Paper Carriers demonstrate that caring can be mixed with quality. Try specifying a bag printed in up to 12 colours with line art or photographs, laminated or un-laminated with matt or gloss varnish!

For a finishing touch, add a paper tape or Kraft handle, undyed, or in any colour you like to match or contrast.

At Graffiti Arts, we ensure that throughout manufacture, the quality and finish of all our bags remains consistently high. The idea of one of your customers being disappointed with a Graffiti Arts bag is unthinkable. With our dedication to meeting delivery times and commitment to quality, there will be no emergencies.

Only our SOS Paper Carriers and other fine bags.

Patch Handle.

Graffiti Arts' flair and imagination transform the ordinary into something special. With punched out (sinus) handles, folded top or reinforcing patch, this is what most people think of when plastic carrier bags are mentioned.
By adding eyecatching design and ensuring high quality, the everyday quickly becomes something which gives pleasure and adds value.

Made from high or low density or environmentally friendly polythenes, printed in up to six colours, matt or gloss ink, with line art or photographic realism, our Patch handle bags join the rest of our range of walking posters.

As well as taking your message to places advertising never reaches, the Graffiti Arts patch handle bag can come with a unique, ingenious extra.

It can be displayed instore. Hanging from a special dispenser, the bag is flat like a poster. Until it is needed. Then, one handle is supported while the bag is filled before being quickly released for presentation to the customer.
Queues are reduced, time is saved and your quality of service is finished to the level of a Graffiti Arts bag!

Twisted Kraft Handle Carriers.

With all the benefits and features of our SOS Paper Carrier bag, our twisted kraft handle carrier is another way Graffiti Arts can make your bag extra special.

Simply, the handle is strong Kraft paper twisted for a rope-like effect. It is a small detail, but one many of your customers will appreciate.

By caring about little things, (you can have this handle in undyed kraft or any other colour), at Graffiti Arts we believe we are giving you the greatest possible choice.

We even give you choices when it comes to delivery.

We can deliver to different stores, or head office, or in batches; storing the bulk of bags, supplying them when needed.

Wherever you may be in the world, Graffiti Arts are ready to supply you with the best carriers you can buy.

Flexiloop Handled Carrier.

Topped with a strong polythene tape handle in any shade, this smart Graffiti Arts carrier can be made from low, high density or environmentally friendly polythene, in any colour both inside and out, and printed in up to six colours in gloss or matt inks.

As with all Graffiti Arts bags, you can ask for the polythene to be heavier at the top than at the bottom of the carrier to give support where needed.


Though Graffiti Arts' management have been in the business for over two decades, we are interested in supplying customers with fresh and original bags.

One such is Warhol. Instead of conventional handles, Warhol has solid plastic grips as part of the bag's body, making Warhol one of the strongest carriers on the market.

You can choose from three styles of grip in any colour and specify that we print, matt or gloss, in up to six colours, with a different corporate colour inside and out. The Warhol bag is made from low, high density or environmentally friendly polythene.

Paper Carrier Bags

A special paper carrier bag has all the style of giftwrapping, yet can be kept and give pleasure indefinitely.

At Graffiti Arts we are very proud of our range.

Created from Kraft and other papers in lots of weights, our paper carrier bags can be bleached, tinted or coloured to your taste.

For a special finish the carrier can be made from a textured paper or be laminated, glossed or varnished. We even offer UV coating, spot varnishing, imbossing and embossing, to make the design stand out.

Versatile as ever, we will print our paper bags for you in up to 12 colours, then add eyelets, a choice of ribbons, rope cords, snap or die-cut handles in any matching or contrasting shade.

Duffle Bags.

For a bag that customers will treasure whenever they want to carry a lot, specify Graffiti Arts duffle bags!

With a bold design, the Graffiti Arts Duffle bag is highly desirable and attention grabbing. Something that most people have never seen before and will consider a special gift rather than a right.

The cord can be made from rope or polythene and be multicoloured with matching eyelets. The polythene can be expanded, environmentally friendly, low or high density material and differently coloured in and out.

With photographic or line art in up to six matt or gloss colours, like the rest of our range, the Graffiti Arts Duffle bag will bring increased sales.

Challenge us. If you want a wacky bag produced, perhaps with your product encapsulated, or cut-out fish swimming inside a bag, call us. Graffiti Arts' team would relish designing and turning your idea into reality.

Rope Handled Shoulder Bag.

Rope or cord included in a bag's design will automatically impress customers. Presenting carriers, in your livery, with enough cord for the bag to swing by the hip, from the shoulder, will delight the most sophisticated patron.

The cord can be different colours intertwined and made from rope or plastic, the eyelets colour matched and the bag formed from high or low density, environmentally friendly or expanded polythene. As with our other carriers, Graffiti Arts will create and print a design for you in up to six matt or gloss colours.

Our Graffiti Arts Shoulder bag has gusset folds on three sides and a card blocked base, as standard, so that the bag keeps its form when filled.

Polythene Wide Loop Handled Bag.

To make bags which reflect your store's image, details are all important. As well as creating stunning designs for you and printing them with care, at Graffiti Arts we try to offer features you are unlikely to see elsewhere.
One of these is the Polythene Wide Loop Handle.

Made from durable plastic, the handle is wide where held, tapers at the edges so as not to be stiff, then is bonded onto the bag with a sturdy fastening.
We will make our Polythene Wide Loop Handle in any colour you specify and include it in the design of a card block based polythene bag with optional gusset folds.

The Polythene Wide Loop Handled Bag can be made from a choice of expanded, high or low density or environmentally friendly material and printed in up to six matt or gloss colours to the highest specification.

Poly Drawstring Bag.

The originality of your customer offer should extend right through your merchandising. We believe that using Graffiti Arts carrier bags will make a vital difference to your operation.

Something which is certain to impress, and bring unrivalled customer loyalty, is our inventive Graffiti Arts Poly Drawstring bag. It has a hand hole to carry the bag by and a drawstring running through a seam around its neck to close it tight.

Available with rope or cord in any colour the Graffiti Arts Poly Drawstring Bag is made from high or low density, environmentally friendly or expanded polythene and can be printed in up to six colours, using matt or gloss inks, reproducing line or photographic art.