Revolutionise the way you do business.

Every company strives for efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

The best businesses have a certain edge. The people seem brighter, the products better, the service more impressive.

We can give you that edge.

Put us to the test by calling Joan Bromley on 081-295 7070.

She will set up either a free initial discussion or, if you prefer, a consultation with a Training Needs Analysis consultant.

The consultant will, if agreed, spend time at your premises, watching, talking, taking notes and identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

You will then be presented with an invaluable report containing training recommendations within five working days.

These will be unique to your business, accompanied by a quotation, and may involve just a short course or a full training programme.

In most cases your revolution will pay for itself many times over.

Is your company ready?


Short Courses.

Whether yours is a start-up or multinational company, we can help you grow with a feed of concentrated short courses.

These can take place at the college or at your premises and special courses can be created just for you.

Just some of the Quickgrow courses your people can benefit from are: Customer Care, Selling Skills, Leadership, Time Management, Stress Management, Presentation Skills, Report Writing, Women in Management.

Small Business Support.

Where are you weak? Marketing? Tax? VAT? Computing? Planning?

The Small Business Unit can help with advice, short courses and literature.

We realise that the two things you have to watch are time and money. Therefore the training can be during the day, weekends or evening to suit you and can be subsidised for new businesses.

EC made easy, U.K. too.

Having the latest information on new legislation quickly means you can comply and sell to customers before the rest. Develop new products or services to capitalise. Or simply avoid penalties.

Bromley College lets you lead your field, on free subscription, by posting you news sheets about the latest UK legislation and EC directives.

Just tell us what you are interested in by calling 081-295 7070.

Start with the new EC safety regulations six pack every employer must know about.

Then, if other new regulations effect you directly, we can quote on getting your company ready. This can be done at the college or on your premises.

We also offer business training in employment law, food hygiene, first aid, IEE electrical wiring, COSHH, radiation protection and electricity at work regulations.


To get results from software and hardware, something else is required.

Successware. The vital spark or skill needed to get the most from technology.

At Bromley College we can provide flexible help in your office or at the college.

Programmes covered include:

MSDOS, Windows WordPerfect Lotus 123, Excel DBase IV Ada, Pascal `C' and `C++' Desktop Publishing Introduction to PCs CAD using AUTOCAD CAM

Free, your PC.

That is the thinking behind our computer centre.

Now, rather than tying up your computers, learners can practice, at their own pace in our Open Access IT Centre.

60 PCs, up to date software and help are conveniently on-line between 9am and 9pm weekdays and Saturday mornings.

There's a new way to learn.

The Flexible Learning Centre.

Simply, users have access to a special part of the college where learning equipment and tutors are available 9am to 9pm weekdays and saturday mornings.

Here they can brush up on or learn new skills including writing, spelling, maths, report writing, information technology, typing, word processing, databases, spreadsheets and desktop publishing.

Also available is a library of teaching materials on audio and video tape for you to use.

Training packs can be used or bought, with tutor support if required, to gain a qualification through open learning.

Say: "Everyone in my company holds a specialist qualification"

Soon it can be true.

What people learn at work is as valid as what people study and National Vocational Qualifications are awarded as a recognition of work based achievement.

Bromley College monitors NVQs and can provide you and your colleagues with specialist personal tutors to measure everyone's progress and fill in any gaps.

Contact 081-295 7070 to reward those who work for you. The standard they have already reached may be enough for a qualification.

Fly, Business Class.

Great management gets you there quicker. Bromley College can provide the necessary propulsion.

Skills can be taught in part time courses ending in a qualification or individual subjects taught by the half day.

You can even specify your very own, especially made for you, courses.

Now your business can benefit from learning innovative management practices or just hone individual skills like interviewing, report writing and presentations.

Whatever technique needs improving, start by calling 081-295 7070.

Whether general management training is needed or management for a specialist area like social services, engineering, medical laboratories, personnel or administration; Bromley College will help your business take off.

Ask for the order in French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Try this simple test.

Call your own business. Then, in your best holiday French ask a question.

Now, imagine if you had been a paying customer.

At Bromley College, we can give your employees the gift of speaking another language or improve on their existing skills.

The training focuses on business needs and in particular, writing letters, telephone handling, negotiating, and of course asking for the order.

Telephoner a College Bromley 081 295 7070 aujour'hui.

You're invited.

If you have the time, you are very welcome to visit Bromley College.

Just call 081 295 7070 to arrange when.

You will find that we are very proud of our facilities which include a large library, workshops, science facilities, numerous computers and a language laboratory.

If they are free, you could even meet some of our lecturers. You will discover that, as many have worked in industry, they speak your language and emphasise practical skills.

As you will see for yourself, Bromley College is easily accessible. London is just 15 minutes away by train, so meetings can be attended on training days. Bromley Town is a short drive away, sports facilities are available and the beautiful Kent countryside is on our doorstep.

So, when are we seeing you?