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Many people would love to relax, get rid of stress, be revived when tired, given a boost or just made to feel good.

You can do it by just breathing.

The practical, easy, fun and enjoyable secret?

Aromatherapy At Home. Products ready to use, so that you can benefit immediately.

We would like you to put Aromatherapy to the test.

Here's our offer: You explore and discover what Aromatherapy can do using one of our special offer mail order packs. We thank you for trying Natural Images with a free gift.

The pictures on this page actually show what you will soon own.

A fine bone china, gold banded vaporiser will make a beautiful addition to a mantle piece or window sill.

Multicoloured petals of therapeutic Pot Pourri put into a favourite bowl will complement a table.

An unputdownable guide to aromatherapy will fascinate you and act as a constant reference.

One of these will be yours as an extra treat when you open up your pack.
To learn about our special offer packs, turn the page, the sooner you choose, the sooner you will benefit from Aromatherapy at Home.

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Aromatherapy made simple.

We want you to discover the power of aromatherapy and the daily pleasure and benefits it brings. These packs make an ideal introduction to aromatherapy, for yourself or as a gift to a friend.

Each product has a different effect, instructions are included and everything is practical and easy to use.

Aromatherapy has in the past been, understandably, very expensive. Ingredients are very costly. Rose oil, for instance, needs 60,000 blossoms to make an ounce of oil. At Aromatherapy at Home we have cut costs by selling direct and buying in bulk. You will notice the difference in our pricing!

The Aromatherapy Fragrances Pack. £18.50 (plus P&P) including FREE VAPORISER.

Incredibly versatile. These are 6 aromatherapy oils that can be sprinkled on handkerchiefs, allowed to evaporate in rooms, even placed on bedclothes.
Each has been selected by our aromatherapist for a different effect. Aromas, even unnoticed, can affect your mood and emotions. Whether you want to relax, refresh yourself, cleanse the air without using chemicals or even create a special atmosphere, the Aroma Fragrances Pack will deliver.

To speed up evaporation or get a stronger aroma, you can use your free gift, the vaporiser. We, of course, have included two four hour candles so that you can get started right away.

As you only need a few drops and the fragrances come in 25ml bottles, you will find that they last a long time.

The Aromatherapy Bath Pack £19.95 (+P&P) including FREE AROMATHERAPY GUIDE.

Imagine curling up asleep wrapped in exotic, relaxing aromatherapy extracts. Or going out for a pleasant evening after coming home tired. All because you had a bath with one of our 5 aromatherapy bath blends. Once again, our aromatherapist has developed products which each have a different affect.
Bathing in warm water or showering and breathing in vapour are really effective ways to enjoy aromatherapy extracts.

As an added benefit, some people find that they sleep especially soundly after an aromatherapy bath.

There is no detergent in the blends, each comes in a 100ml. bottle and only a few drops are needed at a time.

The Aromatherapy Massage Pack £23.75 (+P&P) including FREE AROMATHERAPY GUIDE.

Remember the last time you had a massage? It felt good didn't it? Imagine if it had been an Aromassage. A fragrant blend of oils would have been rubbed into your skin and absorbed. You would have breathed the extracts. You would have .... well, try our Aromatherapy Massage Pack and find out!

The pack has five different Aromatherapy oil blends. Each has a different effect and use from relaxation to being energised for sport.

The bottles each contain 100ml, enough for many massages.

The Aromatherapy "Essencials" Pack £22.50 (+P&P) including FREE THERAPEUTIC POT POURRI.

How would it be if we sent you 50 different items? (And your Free gift!).
Yours to explore: 20 attractive sandlewood cones charged with aromatherapy oils, 24 therapeutic herbal fragrance sticks with their own wood and serpentine stone holder, two pretty leopard skin aroma rocks steeped in an invigorating aromatherapy oil for you to carry and use, a 50ml bottle of aromatherapy fragrance oil and for fun, two audio tapes, one with natural sounds, the other with relaxation music.

As with our other packs, everything is selected to have a different effect. We always offer good value, our Aromatherapy "Essencials" Pack works out at at 45p a product!

Put us to the test! To relax, get rid of stress, be revived when tired, given a boost and be made to feel good, turn the page.
Relax, feel good, beat stress and get a free gift!

It is as easy as breathing.

In this leaflet, we have described our introductory Aromatherapy at Home Packs.
Each one is practical, simple and straight forward to use.

We believe that aromatherapy will benefit you. Now is your chance to put aromatherapy and Natural Images to the test.

Ordering is as easy as using our products. The sooner you order, the sooner you will start benefiting from aromatherapy and have your free gift.

Own a Pot Pourri, guide to aromatherapy or gold banded bone china vaporiser and try Aromatherapy at Home packs by sending this form Freepost, calling 0530 563900 or faxing 0530 560003.

Hold in mind that our packs make original, welcome presents.

At Natural Images we believe in customer service and satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it and we will give you your money back.


We look forward to you testing us. See how fast we respond and how good our packs are, today.