Metal dog part 2

"Well that certainly barks and bites, I love it!" said the chairman after he had seen and heard the talking metal dog.

Very soon after client approval the dog mailshot was duplicated and made ready for despatch.

In the darkness of one of the packing cases a metal dog sat filled with worry and self doubt.

What about the rising price of 3 in 1 oil, what about the economy; was she the right approach or had the client been sold a pup?

The dog thought a bit further.

Its copy was not boring or full of naturallys, so was likely to be read. It was also written by someone who knew about marketing so would be right.

Such hucksterish thoughts mused the dog and shuddered.

To maximise the budget everything had to be distinctive and memorable. Not just visually but in every way.

Furthermore, anything produced for a client should strive to be the best in that market sector and to cross the thin line between good and excellent.

The dog pulled up its head and started to feel snooty, a terrible fault, considering the size of its snoot.

Nope, I am not going to mention John Block's ability to create a different writing style for each client, fast turnaround, availability or competitive rates, thought the metal dog and curled up resolutely.