Just how much and how do we charge clients? And how do we sell to them?. It's a problem.

The answer seems to be to sell on value rather than time or item. Creative problem solving is worth far more to a business than words and pictures.

We also know from experience the amazing results we can achieve.

Have a look at the sites and you can pick up some key documents available as a .zip file (7step.zip), if you click below or go to ftp.copywriter.co.uk.

Though much of the information applies to computer consultants, it is easily adapted. The selling process would be foreshortened, and the emphasis on "results" changed to "solutions". Results are dependant on client compliance over which we have little co

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Not got pkazip? There are versions for most computers, including Amiga, PC and Mac.




Based on the ideas of Peter Meyer and colleagues

Note: Peter is not a client!